Society of Latin@ Professionals

Who are we? SOL is a networking organization that offers Latino Professionals the opportunity to exchange ideas, build a strong cohesive network, experience unique business and social events, and meet other like-minded Professionals from all industries.

Our Vision is to create an environment for Latin@ Professionals that inspires, enriches intellectually, and serves Society.

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Upcoming Events.

The Society Of Latino Professionals (SOL-PRO) Call for Latino Storytellers:

We value your story.  You are unique and have adapted to a country rich with possibilities. 

Tell us your successes in 7 minutes.  Be concise, creative, authentic and share everything. 

Submission formats: Video, audio, or written narrative.

Free attendance to event with submission.

If selected from a panel of judges, you will have an opportunity to present at our upcoming networking event taking place in May, where you will be videotaped and featured in social media channels.

Submit your story today and help shape Society’s perception of who we are and what our role is in the United States of America.

Submission Deadline April 30th

Submission email: