SOL-Professionals Is based out of Los Angeles, California, and was inspired by the realization that our spirit is what keeps us going despite any challenge that life may offer. 

As we delve into the spirit we realize that it is eternal and it lacks ethnic origin. SOL-Professionals is an inclusive organization. Our purpose is to propel the success of Latino Professionals. 

Our membership resembles not a color of skin but a collective spirit that is in line with our purpose. Just as we are embraced by different groups through out our lives; co-workers, class mates, significant others and friends, in the same manner our organization embraces all.

And with this in mind, I leave you with the epiphanies that inspired the creation of SOL-Professionals:

For days we have walked the mountains, swam in the most treacherous oceans, fought wars, and built empires - just to find you, and there you where, the spirit within us. And you had been there all along awaiting our arrival!

And in that instant where there was nowhere else to turn, you turned within. And there you found, that which had been carrying you all along in your naïve ways, your soul and your spirit. A spirit that is made from the intangible, yet it is stronger than the strongest titanium, and it is eternal.

There, within you, you found a door, and a place that you had looked for all your life, the door that leads to Infinite Intelligence. 

And through it, I  have learned many other things.  

By Group Co-Founder/CEO Alain Romero